“It is an ideal moment to invest in Spain,
there are many very well trained professionals,
many affordable buildings and many business opportunities”.

Sir Richard Branson.
About Advantages for investors

“Invest in Andalucia Properties, Invest in an Invaluable Heritage”

Andalusia is a competitive and profitable Spanish region. Besides its attractive geo-strategic location, renewed infrastructures and high market potential, the region offers foreigners an excellent opportunity to establish themselves and expand in southern Europe.

Over the past ten years, strong investment in human resources and infrastructures has encouraged constant economic growth in Andalusia. Its innovation model, incentive policy, research and technology infrastructures and development and application of R+D+i are some of the key factors that make Andalusia more attractive to foreign companies.

8 Keys to invest:

1. Very affordable vacant exclusive historical buildings and plots ready to be adapted to your needs conserving a legacy of centuries.

2. Resident permit and other benefits will be obtained by acquiring a property valued at more than 160,000€.

3. Very quiet and safe Country in EU.

4. A suitable location for great business opportunities.

5. Historical and legendary cities as old as 3000 years.

6. One of the best climatic zones in the world with around 300 sunny days each year.

7. Nature-based community with ski resorts, natural reserves and 800km of highly acclaimed European beaches.

8. Andalusia is Europe’s leading golf destination due to the quality of its courses located in privileged areas, with beautiful landscapes and near idyllic beaches.

Wider info at: http://www.investinandalucia.es/