5 puntos a comprobar antes de comprar un inmueble para hacer obras

We know through experience that is very frustrating when you’re buying a building or plot then eventually discover that you can’t do the project you had in mind. There are cases where the vendor or their intermediary has hidden information from the buyer about the property they are selling or are even uninformed about all the legal specifics. Because of this, before buying anything we recommend consulting an impartial architect, who can advise you about the land-planning legislation and rate the different options going forward.

If we are looking to renovate, reform, extend or construct a building, we must look at a series of factors with a fine-tooth comb. Due to the specialisation of some of these factors, we recommend consulting a specialist technician, and in this case the most appropriate would be an architect.

Here is our list of basic checks that should be made before purchasing any kind of real estate:

  1. Request a simple note. (Nota simple)

This details the costs, the size, and the ownership of the residence or building.

  1. Consult the land-planning situation.

The PGOU or the urban plan offers us details like the buildability, the level of protection, and the ordinances of the application.

  1. Inspection of the construction state.

If it exists and we would like to carry out a renovation, the technician should assess the state of the structure, the finishings and the fixtures.

  1. Reports to the Town Hall

While not very common, but it can be useful to check before purchasing any property.

  1. Checks with the Residents’ Association

If the real estate we are looking to purchase is part of a Residents’ Association, it is worth consulting the neighbours first to see if they are happy with the works we are looking to carry out. If the work may affect the community, they may form a board where approval is given to the works if they reach a unanimous decision in favour.

Following these five pieces of advice will definitely help to ensure we avoid problems in the future.

If you need an assessment don’t hesitate to get in contact.