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Abandoned Historic Palaces waiting for a Renovation.

The Old City of Jerez has more than a hundred of invaluable abandoned historic palaces and Patio-Houses. In this post we show a small map with some of these properties in our home city, check this list out with the "most precious" of the Andalusian Heritage. This map refers to some of these most valuable and abandoned buildings in Jerez city heart, with their location, date of construction and preservation. All of them waiting to be [...]

Cádiz Video Compilation

[huge_it_videogallery id="2"] Discover this fantastic province in southern spain through a video compilation. This province combines, mountains, beach and beautiful cities with an ancient tradition and millennial culture. Discover Cádiz, and make it your place in where build your dreams.

Why invest in Andalusia?

“It is an ideal moment to invest in Spain, there are many very well trained professionals, many affordable buildings and many business opportunities”. Sir Richard Branson. About Advantages for investors   “Invest in Andalucia Properties, Invest in an Invaluable Heritage” Andalusia is a competitive and profitable Spanish region. Besides its attractive geo-strategic location, renewed infrastructures and high market potential, the region offers foreigners an excellent opportunity to establish themselves and expand in southern Europe. Over [...]


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