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How to build (or renovate) a house in Spain without going crazy

In this post, we hope to explain to our readers in different countries how to build or renovate the house of your dreams in Spain. Each country has its own peculiarities on this matter, and our country certainly has plenty. I am going to start with what should be the ending, or conclusion of this post: - Choose a good technical team - It’s important to know that it is obligatory in Spain to have [...]

How to choose a good architect in Spain

This is a question we would like to answer in this post. What do we do as architects? And how can we help you? In general, and in our years of experience we have found that small promoters and self-promoters (customers who want to build their own house) are unclear about our work or because they are obliged to hire us for a project, they see us as of little importance. The general perception in [...]

How much it costs to build a house in Andalusia

It is logical to want to know how much we are going to spend before starting and deciding if we want to go ahead with this huge decision.Like everything related with construction – and not just because of who we are – it is always recommended to contact an architect before making the wrong decision, especially if you’re not familiar with this world. A good architect can help you save a lot of money by assessing [...]

The 5-point checklist before buying a building for works

We know through experience that is very frustrating when you’re buying a building or plot then eventually discover that you can’t do the project you had in mind. There are cases where the vendor or their intermediary has hidden information from the buyer about the property they are selling or are even uninformed about all the legal specifics. Because of this, before buying anything we recommend consulting an impartial architect, who can advise you about [...]

The five stages of an architectural project in Spain

We regularly welcome clients to our office who are unsure about how to approach an architectural project in Spain. As a result, we are going to create a series of posts where we explain the stages in detail and the correct order to follow in order to manage a project so that everything goes as expected and we don’t encounter any surprises. If you have a property or are thinking about buying one as a [...]