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In this post, we hope to explain to our readers in different countries how to build or renovate the house of your dreams in Spain. Each country has its own peculiarities on this matter, and our country certainly has plenty.

I am going to start with what should be the ending, or conclusion of this post:

– Choose a good technical team –

It’s important to know that it is obligatory in Spain to have a technical team for construction projects that operate on the framework: new and renovation works with changes to the load-bearing systems; ironwork, pillars, walls or foundations.

Even if your planned work does not involve the structure, we recommend that you contact a competent technical team before starting.

A technical team for smaller interventions is usually made up of an Architect and a Quantity Surveyor. Both job profiles receive significant training in our country and are skilled in all the processes involved in house construction.

It is important that at least the quantity surveyor on the project is a local technician.

While it may not seem important, it definitely is. Choosing a technician that you can trust is vital to ensure the fewest number of possible problems. Given that there are always issues with these kinds of works, it is even more important to be in good hands.

At the end of the day, they are the “Sherpas” that guide us through the construction process. Planning, license management, choosing builders, construction control…

(Sidenote: it isn’t recommended to choose the construction team first)

When it comes to looking for a technical team it is best to contact an architecture studio. It is important to take a look at their previous work and ask for success stories. Inspect their social media activity, their experience, their website and if possible, visit their active projects and their office.

The fees for the technical team do not normally exceed 10% of the total for the project, so if there is good communication and the completed work fits with your ambitions then you can be sure that the cost is justified. A good technical team does not cost money, it saves it.

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